As with all things worth doing, the success of any venture starts in the prep.  In the case of the 4th installment of The Farmers, Friends and Fishermen Dinner hosted in Mission Hills, the argument can be made that the prep for this event started five years ago when the owners first started their backyard garden for the Red Door, venue for the night’s festivities.

In the case of this little oinker, centerpiece of the dinner and provided by Sage Mountain Farm, the prep started fully 24 hours before the dinner.  Red Door owner Trish Watlington, Event Coordinator Kelsey Doonan and my own Doll, Dee, gather around the next evening’s main event as it is being prepped in the caja china (chinese box) by Executive Chef Karrie Hills with fresh herbs, vegetables, spices from the garden and a liberal lacquering of URBN St. Bravecourt Stout.


In case you were wondering how the pig got in the box… Yes, it was a total chick fest.  Look, I offered to help – really.  I won’t say that my offer was so much met with a sneer of disdain as completely ignored.  Either way, cool with me.  First of all, these ladies knew what they were doing.  Secondly, what if I got grease and fat all over my hands and then my camera got dirty?

This was my last look at this baby before the other half was placed on top.  I saw her dressed and undressed and I have to say, I much preferred her with her clothes on…