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We believe that "Sustainable Food" goes beyond the plate; it is a collaborative network, that furthers the ecological and economic values shared by the commonwealth.  The Red Door is committed to enhancing the quality of life for farmers, the community and society as a whole. These guiding principles keep our ingredients truly local, seasonal and sustainable; from our farm or a small farm, we try our best to feed the public the best San Diego has to offer .

Local, Ethical Sourcing

Our menu is seasonally driven by the farmers in San Diego.  Chef Miguel develops his menus based on what they are growing and the garden is providing.  The goal is to serve all produce from local farmers or our own garden; it tastes better, reduces carbon footprint and keeps food dollars in our own community.

FISH  |  Our fresh catch comes from local fishermen who offload in San Diego. We work with a program of Catalina Offshore products called 'Trace and Trust'. We can trace our seafood back to the boat and know it was harvested in the most environmentally sustainable way.

MEAT  |  This comes from producers who are either certified humane or are small family farmers, we know personally.  Currently, there is no meat processing in San Diego County, so all of our meat comes from outside the county. We are in the process of developing relationships with ranchers in Sonoma to get more meat directly from ranchers.

our story

"In 2011 after two years open, we were head over heels for Mission Hills, our neighbors and the community. That was about the time we (Tom and Trish Watlington - Owners) started to feel like we had strayed from our roots, as organic gardeners and homesteaders in the 80's.

We knew we did not want to contribute to the ecological damage of factory farming, processed food and overfishing.  We decided if we can't grow it ourselves or buy it local, sustainable and ethically sourced - it isn't hitting the table.  Six years later we are neck deep in the San Diego small farm community.  San Diego leads the country in small farms per capita and grows the highest quality sustainable and regional produce year round, in every corner of the county.  This is the network of people that helped us build our farm, small but robust, we take pride in feeding our community from the crops we harvest each season.

That said the menu is still only part of the story;  our passion for excellence in hospitality is the other half.  Sustaining a highly rated fine dining farm-to-table restaurant is the standard we expect from ourselves and represents the dining pedigree Mission Hills should be known for .  If you dine out, always dine for the experience, don't be satisfied with anything less.  At Red Door that's what you'll get, professional hospitality and the highest quality cuisine.  Hospitality, responsibility and excellence are the key ingredients to the true Mission Hills experience."

- Trish & Tom Watlington | Red Door Owners


Red Door Family farm

Mt. Helix, La Mesa


3/4 Acre

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